The Magical Mayan Riviera

The Mayan Riviera; full of so many beach front restaurants, shops, hotels, and gorgeous places to just relax and check out of life for the day. I was so taken back by all of the surrounding sights, that it was extremely hard to choose just one spot to hangout . Out of all of the places that we explored this day, my two favorite spots were Papaya Playa Project and Coco Tulum. The atmosphere was instantly breathtaking the minute we walked down the sandy path to the beach. I think I actually started running because I got so excited at how stunning the beach looked from a distance. Once we arrived, we grabbed a spot to sit so we could munch, drink, and just chat about endless girly nonsense. It was endless fun!

OH, and if you're a HUGE guacamole fan like me, THIS. IS. THE. SPOT! We ordered a side of guac with our meal, and they brought out a haaauuge platter full of just guac. The minute he set it down I was like WOAH now that is a side of guac right there haha. Not to mention the Instagram friendly atmosphere that this hotel has! If you wanna spice up your feed with a couple of cute snapshots, than you need to take a second to stop here as you venture along the riviera. Needless to say, this place was breathtaking. The sights, the delicious food, and the overall vibe that they create for their guests was outstanding!

Take a look below; you'll see why my goofy self ran to the beach the minute I saw it!

Me and My Girl Naomi Christie

I think it's safe to safe that this place was absolutely magical.

Swings, drinks, and stunning views; what more could you want?!

Papaya Playa Project

After Coco Tulum my friends and I ventured off to Papaya Playa Project, and once again I was so taken back. Some people come here for the parties, the events, or the yummy food. I think I came here to just let my mind meditate, and take in all of my surroundings. Tulum is full of so much beauty; from the atmosphere to all of the people that reside here. There is something very magical about this place. Laying there on the beach, closing my eyes, and letting all of my thoughts flow was undoubtedly peaceful. I'll truly never forget it.

The calmness of the ocean, and salty breeze brushing up against my face, made my mind run wild with creative ideas for all my future adventures. I feel so blessed to have been able to step foot in this gorgeous country. I was one with nature, and all it had to offer me at this moment in time; it was such a heavenly experience.

So, take a look below to see where I let all of my thoughts flow; you might just want to go hehe☆

Outfit || Hat: Lack of Color; The Zulu | Swimsuit: Tularosa

Belt: Vintage | Skirt: Handmade Levi Skirt

Photographer: Naomi Christie

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little rant on my favorite spots to just chill and let your thoughts flow in Tulum. Check back soon for more Beauty & Bones fun! Please don't forget to subscribe, so you get first dibs on all my creative goodness.☆ xoxo


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