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What a W I L D weekend! I had the pleasure of shooting with the Talented && Beautiful Charmaine aka @lilkombuchar. Wow this girl has got a vision, and her creative swag is about to take off! It's always a pleasure shooting with her; as always! Our goal was to simply create product shots for some Air & Style Merch, but we ended up creating so much more! I was much more than just a model for her merch; we became friends, and we increased our Goddess Gang!

I met such Bada$$ souls this weekend, and I can't wait to collaborate with them again in the near future!


Dakota: @freedom_from_routine: Wow what a chill dude! He's a Motor Enthusiast || Wanderlust Traveler || & Creative LA based Photographer

If you have a minute, check out his instagram, and website. This dude will inspire you! His photos, captions, and work is an innovative escape from our everyday reality. I definitely caught some inspiration from this dude!

Justin:@jusinrod : We went from high school acquaintances to Real Time Homies! This guy does it all! Med Life, Army Life, and Visual Art Life. I have mad respect for his vision, his service, and his goals in life. He is exactly what his instagram caption states : "A Product of love!" So, CHEERS MY DUDE!

Jenna:@schmenna Last, but definitely not least, Jenna!! What a cute little dreamer. The minute I met her, she was glowing with happiness. She has this energy that she carries with her that is so contagious. I knew we created a magical friendship the minute we met. I can't stress enough how if there's one thing I love, it's meeting such beautiful people inside and out. Jenna you're an angel my dear.

To end this post, and cap off my thoughts...

Thank you team for working with me, and giving me the pleasure to create magic with you all. To everyone reading this, it's so important that you always surround yourself with people who inspire to go above and beyond your limits. I know my limits were pushed this past weekend, and it really started my week off with a powerful blast! I felt like I had the potential to reach limits that I thought I could never grasp. To all my dreamers, doers, and believers; keep on working because in the end you'll shock yourself with how much you have accomplished, and how far you have come.


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