★March Mindfulness★

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what really is it worth to you?

To me, I see a personal touch to every photo I come across. A photo someone shares is an extension of what they felt in that very moment. It showcases what they are proud of, what inspires/drives them, and it ultimately embellishes who they are as a person.

To dive deeper into the purpose of this mini post; I would first like to start off by mentioning how great of a month March has already been! Opportunities are in the making, and works, which has really put me on a whole nother level of happiness! I can not wait to share with all my followers what I have been up to, and the projects I have been working on. Even though I encountered a few bumps along my journey, I had to reassure myself that things happen for a specific reason. I took those bumps I encountered, and really challenged myself to remained focused on my work and my future goals. I know that my purpose in life would not have been fulfilled had those moments not occurred. We all grow from the experiences we have encountered, and I have learned to always take something valuable from those occurrences. Whether it be a lesson, a memory, a deeper purpose, finding oneself, falling in love, or conquering a fear (I mean the list can go on). Ultimately, I always want my experiences to help me grow. I want to continue to shed my light and love upon others who are less fortunate than me, and those who share the same intentions and dreams that I have.

So with that being said; I challenge everyone reading this to really take a look at your experiences, and figure out what you have truly learned from them. Challenge yourself to love who you are-not in a narcissistic way- but in a compassionate way. Remember to always forgive yourself for your mistakes and failures you have made because this is what helps us all grow. Know that we all have to believe in ourselves, even if those around us are not catering to those beliefs. Understand that we all must realize when to walk away from people who are not good for us, and know that sometimes the purpose of that person was to help us become who are actually meant to be. Conclusively, do not stress if you are not who you want to be just yet, or where you want to be, your moment will come. Life has unexpected turns and opportunities, so always remain positive, work your ass off, and surround yourself with people and places that motivate you to fulfill your life purpose.


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